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Book Club Questions for Girls Who Gossip

  1. When Helaina goes to New York, she goes by her mother’s maiden name so no one will know she’s the daughter of a wealthy tycoon. Though she knows the benefits of wealth, she also knows the dangers. Is she successful at distancing herself from the pitfalls?
  2. Today, gossip and rumors and tabloid journalism can make or break careers. Though the media are often critiqued for invading celebrities’ private lives, there is also a high demand for such gossip and candid shots. Who then, is to blame?
  3. By the same token, making the public aware of underhanded dealings such as the downfall of Enron can play an important role in ensuring justice is served. In what ways can media be a source of positive change?
  4. Though Helaina is angry at her father for the way he treated her mother, she is also angry with herself. Are her shortcomings understandable given her age and upbringing?
  5. How does Helaina change over the course of the novel?
  6. What role does Owen play in that change?

Book Club Questions for Who You Know

  1. What impact does the workplace—-workers, management, office politics— on the characters? What kind of realization about work and aspirations do the characters come to over the course of the book?
  2. Avery could be described as a dreamer. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Does it help or hinder her ability to be happy?
  3. In many books and movies, there is the idea that all you need to be happy is love. Does this book support this concept? Why or why not?
  4. How do the different duos work to keep the trio solid?
  5. How does self-image aid or sabotage career aspirations?
  6. Rette, Jen, and Avery are only a few years apart, yet they have very different attitudes to themselves, their bodies, and their sexuality How do women’s understanding of their sexuality and themselves change over time?

Book Club Questions for Spur of the Moment

  1. Ana is perhaps the most driven of all six members of the group, Spur of the Moment. Why?
  2. Many things in her life have come easy for Marin. Does that prove to be a good thing or a bad thing?
  3. Many people have dreams like Ana, Marin, Chelsea, Jason, Ramiro, and Scott. Would life be better if they could just be happy working nine to five? Why or why not?
  4. In that same vein, many performers who found success also died at a young age to drug overdoses. Why is such an end all too common for talented people, or is it common for many people and celebrities just get more attention?
  5. Ana’s crush on Jason has been long-standing. Is she blinded by the things she thinks she wants? Why or why not?
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